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Avoid Bed Bugs This Summer

What is better on a hot summer weekend than packing up the family and headed to the shore? Or, perhaps finding a mountain retreat and a cabin by a clear blue lake is more what you need to wipe away the constant hustle that we are all subject to in our normal, everyday lives. A summer vacation is the perfect way to alleviate stress. In the excitement of traveling from home to our desired destination, we often forget one little thing. Eventually, we must come home again. When we do, it is essential that the only mementos we bring home with us are the ones we actually wanted to keep.

Often when people travel, they are blissfully unaware that the room or cabin they rented for a little R&R might be harboring some tiny fugitives that are working very hard to find a host to move in with on a more permanent basis. Bed Bugs have become one of the largest traveling headaches this decade. Hundreds of unsuspecting vacationers will be bringing home bed bugs this summer season, and most won’t even know it until a few bed bugs have turned into a complete infestation inside their home.

To help keep your family safe when traveling, it is recommended that vacationers take the time to thoroughly inspect the accommodations offered. Take a few minutes to pull back the sheets on the bed, especially near the head area, and look closely at the mattress and pad underneath. A bed bug infestation will generally leave tell-tale signs behind. You might see the bugs themselves, which are bugs that are tiny and flat, looking a bit like an apple seed. But, even if no adult bed bugs are present, there can be other signs. Look for tiny brown stains or even drops of blood. You might find discarded case skins that juvenile bed bugs have left behind as they grow. Make sure that you look in all the tiny cracks and crevices in and around the mattress. If that area looks clean, make it a point before you unpack anything to look closely at the rest of the furniture in the room the same way. A small flashlight can be extremely helpful to perform this inspection.

Even if the room appears to be free of bed bugs, it is important that you unpack as soon as possible when you return home; preferably, in a garage or mudroom rather than on your bed or sofa. Wash all the clothing taken in hot water and inspect each item for tiny bugs that might have been missed or that were picked up in transit. Bed bugs can be found pretty much anywhere, so this is an important step to remember. Before the luggage is put away, vacuum it and make sure you get every crevice.

As safe as we all try to be, bed bugs can still find their way in on occasion. Bed bugs are expert travelers themselves, and their size makes them very easy to miss with an untrained eye. Luckily, Adam’s Pest Control is here to help! Our team of leading bed bug experts has several options for effective bed bug removal and prevention because we know that every situation is different. From heat treatments to environmentally sound chemical treatments, you can be sure that Adam’s Pest Control will make sure that bed bugs will be gone for good.

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