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Avoid Bed Bugs While Going Back To College

Right around this time each year millions of teens and young adults around the country are on their way back to college for another year of higher learning. The future looks bright for these collegiates as they move into dorm rooms on campus as well as off-campus apartments and get ready to start the year off right. In all of the excitement it is very easy to forget the little details that can quickly ruin a good start to the school year.

In the past decade or so, the bed bug population has exploded across the United States. So many make the mistake of believing that bed bugs are only found in old mattresses or in filthy conditions, when the fact is that bed bugs are not concerned one bit with the age of the mattress or furniture and that they are just as happy living in a clean hospital as they are anywhere else. College dorms have become one of the bed bugs favorite haunts. There are tons of new hosts coming from all around the country that can introduce bed bugs to the party. Not to mention, to take back home with them again when they visit for holiday’s and laundry doing.  It is really the best of both worlds for a bed bug.

Students, as well as parents who are taking their students to school, need to make sure that they do not forget to protect themselves against these tiny little invaders. It takes just a few minutes for a bed bug or two to make their way onto your clothing or into bags completely undetected until much later when they have laid hundreds of eggs and hatched a whole new generation of pests you to have to contend with. While traveling to school it is essential to be on guard for bed bugs at any overnight stops along the way. No matter how exhausting the trip may be, take a few minutes to peel back the sheets, especially near the head of the bed, and look closely at the mattress for signs of bed bug activity. Usually, you will see dirt marks and smears that might be feces or even droplets of blood from a prior meal. You might even see the bugs themselves, or the casings left behind by growing juveniles. If you find any sign at all, do not unpack and quickly let the front desk know that there is a potential problem.

Even when you finally make it to school and everyone is excited to get in and get settled, but your bed bug detective work is not over yet. Both parents and students should inspect the bed, as well as all of the furniture in the room very thoroughly before any bags are unpacked. Bed bugs can live for months just waiting for students to return to school for a bite to eat. Even if everything seems clean, it is a good idea to recheck periodically for bed bugs. On college campuses, it is a mistake to think that bed bugs are only found in dorm rooms. These are very resilient creatures and have been known to wait for the perfect host in the cafeteria, the library, classrooms, or even a bench outside. Checking your living quarters regularly can help save a lot of time and heartache later and prevent the further spread.

If at any time bed bugs are found Adam’s Pest Control is the answer! Our bed bug specialists in Minnesota can not only hunt down the source of your bed bug infestation but eliminate it whether they are found in a dormitory or studio apartment. If your student brought them home to you, we can take care of that as well. Give us a call today and ask us about a home or commercial inspection.

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