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Avoiding Mosquitoes This Spring

Puffy, itchy, lumps on your arm, your back, your legs, your ankles–is that what spring is all about? For some of us it is. We get calls all the time from folks that are fed up with paying a mortgage so mosquitoes can enjoy their backyard. We say, “That’s your yard! Take it back!” You don’t have to let those mosquitoes have free reign. Here are some ways you can avoid mosquito bites this spring and make your yard a much nicer place to be.

Backyard Mosquito Management

  • The first thing you need to do is find any sources of still water and remove them. All it takes is a pool of water on a tarp, a little captured rainwater in the hollow socket of a toy, a tiny containment of water in your gutter system, or even a cup left outside in the rain, for mosquitoes to breed and reproduce.

  • If you have plants in your yard that collect water on them, you may want to consider replacing them with something else, unless you have routine mosquito control from a professional.

  • If you have a bug zapper, it is a good idea to put it in storage. Studies have shown that bug zappers lure mosquitoes in, but do little to kill female (biting) mosquitoes.

  • If you have areas in your yard that are shaded, it may create a breeding site for mosquitoes when rainwater is not dried up fast enough. This is another good reason to have ongoing mosquito service.

  • When you go into your backyard, there are a couple of things you can do to keep mosquitoes from biting you. Use a fan to create a breeze if there is no breeze. Mosquitoes are horrible fliers, a good breeze can keep them away. You may also consider mosquito repellent. While repellent is not a 100% solution, it certainly does help. For extreme situations, like mowing your lawn with a hundred mosquitoes tormenting you, you may want to consider getting clothing that has mosquito protection.

  • We’ve mentioned it twice, but it bears mentioning one more time. There is no better way to take back your backyard than to have ongoing mosquito service. Mosquitoes rarely travel more than 300 yards in their entire life, especially the mosquitoes that are linked to the spread of West Nile, Zika, malaria, and other dangerous viruses. When you have a professional reduce breedings sites, kill hiding mosquitoes in your yard, and treat sensitive locations, you are likely to see a big difference.

Take your backyard back. Get ongoing mosquito service from Adam’s Pest Control–which can include a fully-automatic mosquito misting system that protects your yard 24 hours a day, through the entire mosquito season. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate. What do you have to lose but mosquitoes? Lots and lots of mosquitoes.

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