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Bed Bug Awareness Week

In an effort to dispel the myths about bed bugs and to bring you accurate information about these troublesome pests in order to help stop their rapid spread throughout the United States, the public outreach division of the National Pest Management Association, the National Pest Management Alliance, has named the week of June 4-10, 2017, as “Bed Bug Awareness Week”! And, Adam’s Pest Control wants to do our part to help you avoid an infestation in your home or business.

An accurate understanding of bed bugs is essential in order to stop the spread of these elusive pests, and there are many who believe the fables that have been told from generation to generation. One such tale is that bed bugs will only infest dirty, squalor homes and businesses. I am certain that you have heard this story before. You may have even heard about a hotel or motel that had an infestation, and each time you pass by your mind automatically assumes that this business is unkempt and less than reputable. You may even think as you drive past, “I would never stay in THAT hotel!” But, that would be a shame; because the truth is that bed bugs can infest ANY hotel or motel no matter how clean or how many stars it is rated with.

Bed bugs actually don’t ever notice how clean or how dirty a place is. They are simply looking for a place that offers them their favorite meal – human blood; and if they can find their food source in a convenient place where they can feed while their victim lays helplessly unconscious and unaware for about 8 hours, well, that is all the better! Not only can bed bugs find this scenario in any hotel or motel, but they can also find this perfect paradise in any home as well.

Plus, bed bugs don’t infest beds only! This is another fable that needs to be dispelled. Bed bugs are often found in and around beds, this is a fact, but bed bugs don’t ‘live’ there. This is simply the most common place for them to find their unsuspecting host at feeding time. Bed bugs can dwell inside wall voids, in electrical outlets, in carpets, in living room furniture, behind picture frames, and inside television sets, gaming stations, or stereo equipment; and since they can go several months without feeding, simply treating your beds for these pests won’t even make a dent in their colony.

Bed bugs can be anywhere outside your home, too. Be sure to be alert and stay vigilant whenever you travel across the country or just across town. Check your surroundings for bed bugs wherever you go, not just in hotels and motels. Look at the seams of that bus seat for bed bugs, their old casings, or black specs and tiny blood droplets before you sit down. Check your chair at the library, too. In fact, you should check out that taxi, airplane seat, and your grandma’s car also. Bed bugs can literally be anywhere that people are! Bed bugs have been found in libraries, hotels, motels, dorms, shopping malls, grocery stores, schools, day care centers, restaurants, and hospitals. They have even been found in the house next door or in Aunt Sue’s living room!

If you find that bed bugs have found their way into your home or business, don’t panic. Simply give the bed bug experts here at Adam’s Pest Control a call. We will respond quickly and discreetly and eliminate your bed bug infestation. We offer expert inspection services, eco-friendly heat treatments, conventional treatments, bed bug prevention services, and much more. Adam’s Pest Control can help you keep bed bugs from biting in your home or business tonight.

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