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Boxelder Bugs Looking For Winter Home

The last leaves on the trees are just about gone, and it is likely that snow is not too far away as the temperatures drop lower and lower. You might be all set to take a well-deserved winter break from the maintenance that seems to come every fall. It’s just one of the perks of home ownership in Minnesota, right? Whether you realize it or not, your home might be under siege from a pint-sized pest who moved in without your permission or knowledge a few weeks ago. There is a good chance that you might not realize they are even there until spring, or if we have a few unseasonably warm days in the middle of winter.

The boxelder bug is one of those overwintering pests that seem harmless as far as pests go. They are recognizable by their ½ inch elongated black body with three red stripes across the abdomen. They are attracted to your home in October as a safe and warm environment for them to hibernate in. The boxelder travels in large groups and huddle together through the winter waiting for those first signs of spring.

They may have been attracted to your home because the boxelder is attracted to warm and sunny areas on the sides of buildings or even by the light through your open windows or doors. The bugs will gather on the sunny side of building and then work their way to the cracks and crevices in the siding to find a cozy spot for the season.

They pose no threat to your home or your family; however, for the squeamish, it might not be ideal to knowingly let these bugs hang around inside your walls all winter. It is not uncommon for them to get confused on warm days and find their way into your living room, and you may find boxelder bugs on your window sill basking in the sunshine. They can leave yellowish stains from their waste on curtains, furniture, windows, stored clothing, and pillows.

The bad news is that if boxelder bugs found their way in, it is likely that other pests might have found your home a great wintering spot as well. Make sure that your home is safe by giving Adam’s Pest Control a call. Our professional technicians will inspect your home and make sure that any pests that have found their way in will quickly find their way out.

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