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Centipedes on the Increase in Minnesota Homes

Want to know how to recognize and prevent a centipede infestation in Minnesota? They are definitely disgusting and creepy pests that most people do not want invading their homes. Centipedes can be about an inch long when fully grown and have flattened bodies with 15 striped pair of legs that are jointed and long, and have skinny feelers out front. Their bodies are yellow-gray or brown, and they sometimes have long stripes on their backs. If you have seen one, they are pretty gross looking, and they run really fast. They will run across floors, walls, and ceilings to hide in dark, damp corners. Just to see one can give most people the shivers and an infestation would be horrifying.

Centipedes can actually be somewhat helpful by eating other arthropods, insects, and spiders. They do have venom in their jaws, however, that subdues their prey when they attack. Generally, centipedes are shy pests that won’t go after humans. When threatened, they will bite; and the bite could be painful, and may swell some. Although they are not dangerous to humans, they are a nuisance pest that you really don’t want to be sharing your house with.

In the summer months, centipedes can get into homes and other outbuildings to find shelter. They gain access through cracks and crevices in foundations or gaps around doors and windows. You can help to prevent them or reduce the number of centipedes that enter your home by trying these particular tips around your home:

  • Remove old piles of junk, wood, compost grass, leaves, rocks etc.

  • Keep plants away from your foundation.

  • Remove or reduce the amount of standing water in and around your home.

  • Seal entry points around doors and windows.

  • Caulk cracks and crevices, especially at ground level.

  • Tidy clutter, repair moisture issues, and caulk cracks and crevice inside as well.

  • Use a dehumidifier inside if necessary.

However, all of this is very time consuming and you might not be able to seal up every entry point and get rid of all moisture. Store bought pesticides don’t always work and contain chemicals that might be dangerous to you and your family. It might be time to consider a year-round pest control plan so you can rest easy knowing that centipedes won’t be invading your house at any time of year.

Adam’s Pest Control is a great choice for getting rid of centipedes in Minnesota and for year-round pest protection. Our friendly professionals will exterminate all centipedes using treatments that are EPA-approved. They will assess your centipede problem and determine if interior treatments are required to eliminate an infestation; then they will implement exclusion techniques to help keep centipedes and other more harmful pests out. When you trust Adam’s Pest Control for your pest solutions there will be no more centipedes – guaranteed. Contact us today!

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