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How Do Mice Get into Homes

Mouse Entry Point

How Mice Get into Homes

For most of human history, the lives of mice and humans have been intertwined. Humans build structures and store food which benefits us, but also benefits mice for the same reasons. To understand how mice get into homes we should start with “why” they get into homes.

Out in nature mice may live in burrows underground or live in naturally occurring cracks and crevices depending on the species. Mice enter structures because they provide many of the same benefits of their natural habitat alongside additional benefits such as food, water, protection from predators, warmth, etc. In a lot of ways people have built structures that mice can thrive in better than the ones they create in nature. There are also environmental factors, the more structures people build, the less natural habitat mice have and the more they will continue to move into our homes. Additionally, in states like Minnesota and Wisconsin, we often see an uptick of rodent issues in homes around winter because the cold pushes them indoors.

Now that we know why rodents look to enter homes, how do they enter? Mice can fit through holes ¼” or bigger. That may sound unrealistically small, but if a rodent can fit its nose through, the rest of the body can squeeze through as well. This means a mouse can get through a loosely sealed porch, gap in the garage door, or, a common issue in Minnesota and Wisconsin, gaps and cracks from how the house settles after being affected by the cold weather. It’s not unusual to see homes with 10+ gaps that rodents can fit through. Mice also have the added benefit of being very good climbers so they are not just limited to entry points near the ground. Mice can also burrow under the ground and if they find a gap underneath, they can end up indoors. 

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