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Jolly Old Saint Nick… and Bed Bugs?

When you think of the holiday season you think of menorah’s and Santa and Christmas Trees and cookies – but you may also want to put a little thought into preventing bed bugs this holiday season. Many families travel or invite guests into their home for the holiday season and this increases your risk for bed bugs. Here are some tips for preventing bed bugs – and what to do if you end up receiving the “gift” of bed bugs this year.

Don’t Invite Bed Bugs to Your Party

Hosting holiday parties can be a lot of fun. You get together with people you may not see all the time and enjoy one another’s company. To avoid the unexpected bed bug guest, think about where you store your guest’s coats. Do you lay them across your bed? Don’t do it! Clean out a closet and hang guest coats up and away from your beds. If a guest has bed bugs in their home or at the hotel they’re staying in, there is a chance they could be on their coats. Putting coats with bed bugs on your bed means you’ll be infested with bed bugs before you know it. If you don’t have a closet handy, try hanging coats on the shower curtain rod, or create a make shift area in your home to hang coats.

Bed Bugs and Hotels

If you’re headed out to visit family or friends who do not live nearby and plan to stay in a hotel, you can reduce the risks of bringing bed bugs home with you if the hotel should have a bed bug infestation. Bring a couple big garbage bags with you and keep your suitcases inside the garbage bags, sealed. Store all personal belongings away from the bed. Keep any clothing you wear in the hotel in sealed plastic bags until you are able to launder them in very hot water.

Bed Bug Treatments

Unfortunately, even if you take precautions you could end up with bed bugs in your home after the holidays. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate once they are in your home and it is always recommended that you contact Adam’s Pest Control for professional bed bug elimination services. Do it yourself methods rarely completely eliminate a bed bug infestation, which means you are wasting time and money and will still need to call the professionals in for help after you’ve completed the treatments! Adam’s Pest Control’s licensed and trained professionals rely on industry-leading, effective techniques to kill bed bugs in all stages, including eggs. Give us a call and get rid of the bed bugs before the new year.

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