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Managing the Costs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are among the most difficult and expensive pests to eradicate, but there are steps you can take to manage the costs involved with bed bug eradication:

1. Early detection is the key to minimizing the size of an infestation. Regular inspections – once or twice per year with canines – can be easily off-set by the treatment savings.

2. Consolidate your services with one vendor. You will have better negotiating power if you use the same professional pest management company for regular pest services as you do for bed bugs. Adam’s provides volume discounts to our regular pest control customers. Of course, never try to save money with inferior quality and risk paying more in the long run.

3. Review the bed bug eradication services you used in the previous year. What did it cost? What services were performed? (Number of heat treatments? Number of chemical treatments? Number of inspections?) Use this information to restructure your agreement with your pest management company. Adam’s works with its customers to provide the services you need within your budget constraints.

4. Work with your pest management company to determine what you can do to reduce costs. For example, managing more of the prep work and handling more of the tenant or guest communications can lower your costs.
Build a professional, long-term relationship with your pest management company. Understanding your unique situation, past experiences, and building familiarity allows your pest control company to more efficiently remedy your bed bug problem.

You can minimize eradication costs by taking the following steps:

a. Educate your staff. Stay current on inspection, treatment options, techniques, and monitoring.  It is important to talk about bed bugs on a regular basis.

b. Regular communication with your pest control company. Communicate your areas of concern to your pest control technician or bed bug specialist on a regular basis.

c. Annual or biannual inspections. We have found identifying issues early benefits our customers.  Inspections by trained staff, pest control technicians or canine inspections are key to managing infestations while they are   still small and easier to control.

d. Develop a bed bug program. Most pest control companies prefer you to be proactive, and may reduce your costs by doing so.

All of these steps can be beneficial in managing costs of bed bug work. We believe that just being aware of unexpected issues at any given property is a big step. The earlier the problem is caught, the less it will cost to eradicate the problem.

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