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Mice And Rats Are Still A Problem For Minnesota Residents

How would you like to never have to deal with a mouse in the house again? No one likes to see a mouse scurry across the floor or dive behind the stove. Even worse, how about going down to the basement and seeing a rat staring at you? Mice and rats are a nuisance to homeowners and business owners alike. However, they are really much more than a nuisance.

Rodents can cause considerable damage and require expensive repairs. They are equipped with incisors that grow at a steady, rapid rate. The length of these incisors is only controlled by continual gnawing and chewing. Rodents will gnaw or chew through wooden baseboard, drywall, disturb or damage insulation, personal items stored away in closets and even electrical wiring. Many fires have been started by wires exposed from mice or rats chewing and gnawing on the wires. This type of fire will almost always start inside of the wall, floor or attic and will rapidly get out of control, causing untold amounts of damage.

Not only are rats and mice frightening and capable of causing structural damage, they are also a threat to the health and well-being of family members and employees. One of the main reasons for rodents moving into your home or business is to forage for food. If food and moisture are readily accessible, they will more than likely nest there and begin reproducing inside the structure. Mice and rats can transmit parasites and diseases harmful to humans and pets. The diseases they can carry are numerous and will place your family at risk of contracting these diseases.

Diseases are quickly and easily spread throughout the house from the feces and urine of mice and rats. Keep in mind that, prior to coming into your home or business, rodents have already traveled through some of the dirtiest and most disgusting environments. To think that a mouse may have gone from a rotten garbage pile or a sewer pipe and then climbed up on your kitchen counter is more than one wants to imagine. It is no wonder that they can carry as many as 25 or more diseases. Rodents are also carriers of tapeworms, ring worms, fleas, and mites.

Usually, the first sign of a mouse or rat infestation is the presence of droppings. If this happens, wait no longer. Your guarantee of a pest-free home is made possible by reaching out to Adam’s Pest Control immediately. Our Premier Plus Home Pest Prevention Program will give you fall, winter and spring inspections and treatments as well as four summer visits. You will enjoy treatment and protection from all common household pests as well as a guarantee against mice or rat infestations. Take the first step of protecting your family and home and contact the experts here at Adam’s Pest Control today.

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