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Preventing Chiggers This Spring

This spring, when you head out into your yard to do lawn work or tend to your plants, you may have a surprise waiting for you. In fact, this may not be the first year that you’ve had this surprise waiting for you. Often, chigger bites are mistaken for tick bites, mosquito bites, or a simple rash. If you’re noticing bites after being outside in your yard, you might want to consider that those bites could have come from chiggers.

What is a chigger?

Chiggers are the larval stage of certain species of mites. When they get onto you or your pet, they can leave itchy bites that are usually accompanied by a rash.

How did I get chiggers in my yard?

Since chiggers are baby mites, you should ask yourself, “How did I get mites in my yard?” Well, the answer is simple. Mites live on warm-blooded animals. If wildlife is able to come into your yard, they are able to bring those mites in with them.

How do I stop chiggers from coming into my yard?

You can protect your yard from chiggers in the same way you protect your vegetable garden or fruit bushes from wild animals. If you set up a fence all the way around your backyard, you can limit, and even stop, wildlife from coming in, especially it that fence is electrified. That will stop the chiggers, but this is somewhat impractical if you’re not trying to protect rows of vegetables or bushes filled with delicious raspberries.

The best solution for chiggers:

When you want to have a chigger-free backyard, the best solution is year-round pest control. Why? Because pest control works to reduce all the pests in your yard. When you have ongoing services you’ll have fewer chiggers as well as fewer ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and other pests that–unlike those chiggers–have the ability to give you, your family, and your pets harmful diseases.

At Adams Pest Control, not only do we have services to exterminate chiggers and other harmful pests in your yard, we back our service with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. How can we offer such a guarantee? Because we know that our nationally recognized QualityPro and GreenPro certified team is the best in the industry. We know that they are up to speed on the most advanced pest control measures and that they have access to the state-of-the-art equipment needed to locate and safely eradicate all bugs and wildlife that adversely affect homes and businesses.

Give us a call today and stop chiggers from ruining your spring and summer. Your yard is YOUR yard. Take it back with Adams Pest Control.

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