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Temperature Is Dropping But Threats From Bed Bugs Are Not

The weather, it is a changing! There is no denying that winter is fast approaching as the mercury falls right along with the leaves. As this happens, you may be tempted to think that your pest issues are about over for this year, but think again. While it is true that some pests like wasps and bees will die off or hibernate during the colder months of winter, there are plenty of pests that will invade your home in order to stay warm and survive; and there are still others that the cold of winter has absolutely no effect on whatsoever. Bed bugs fall into this last category.

Bed bugs are not like other pests. They don’t live out in the wild where ice falls and snow flies during winter. They live with people. Inside! Where it is toasty warm! They travel by hitchhiking on people or in bags going from one warm, toasty building to another snuggled up next to you taking full advantage of your body heat or feeling as snug as a bug in a rug in your nice, warm vehicle. Either way, the cold of winter has absolutely no effect on these elusive creatures.

Quite often, you don’t even know that bed bugs have chosen you as their source of transportation. In fact, it is often several months later after those bed bugs have gone to work dramatically increasing their numbers that you begin to realize that something is wrong. At first, you may think that you have been bitten by a rogue mosquito; but as you look out across the snow covered field you realize that is highly unlikely. Next, you are likely to blame those itchy welts on a spider and begin to frantically search for the creepy eight legged beast that dared to invade your bed; but to no avail. However, the light begins to dawn when during your search for that spider you notice some shed insect casings in the seam of your mattress. The light bulb above your head brightens as you look a little closer and find some tiny little blood stains and a few brown spots on the top of your mattress. You quickly drop to your knees and frantically search for a way to dispel the fear that has now gripped you; as your eyes reach the electrical outlet behind the bed and reality hits. There are black streaks coming from the outlet. Those are bed bug bites!

You know all too well that DIY treatments don’t work because they cannot get into the deep recesses of your wall voids to eliminate the bed bugs that are nesting there. You know that the only way to get rid of these bugs quickly and completely is to call in the pros; and you know that for Minnesota residents, the experienced and trusted professional that thousands of your friends and neighbors turn to is Adam’s Pest Control. For more than 45 years, Adam’s Pest has been solving local pest control issues successfully and has grown to be a leader in the pest control industry. When Minnesota bed bugs decide that you are their next meal, give us a call or a click to see how we can help.

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