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What Are Powder Post Beetles

Ever heard of a powder post beetle? Sounds like a strange name for an insect, that’s for sure. And, when it comes to wood-destroying pests, termites and carpenter ants get all of the credit, but these strange little powder post beetles can also do quite a bit of harm as well. 

Powder post beetles are wood destroying pests, and get their name from the fine “powder” that they create while they bore into wood products. The “powder” is called frass, and it is a combination of their feces and the sawdust that they leave behind. There are three different types, some of which feed on dead and dried hardwood, others aren’t discriminatory and will feed on both hard and soft woods. In any case, no wood is safe when powder post beetles are around. Each type is slightly different looking, but will be a reddish-brown to black and around 1/8″ to 3/8” long. They have cylindrical bodies with antennae. The larvae are a creamy white c shape and measure 1/8” or a little larger. The only sign of these beetles you may see if you have an infestation is the adults emerging from the wood through multiple small circular exit holes. 

It is actually in their larval stage that powder post beetles can do the most damage. The larvae feed on wood, thus burrowing through and making narrow tunnels as they go. They can do this silently and unseen, and if an infestation goes on for too long, they can cause enough damage to ruin the wood they are in. The damage they can cause can be as costly as if termites or carpenter ants had invaded your home. Don’t wait! Prevent powder post beetles from damaging your home before they can cause major damage. 

Early detection and prevention are the best ways to avoid an infestation of powder post beetles. Start by avoiding the use of old lumber from poorly maintained wood yards or businesses. Also, avoid using unfinished wood that will attract these beetles. Place moisture barriers and increase ventilation in crawl spaces. Most importantly you should contact a professional pest control service in your area for the most effective prevention and eradication of these wood destroying pests. 

You can find some DIY tips out there, but the best solution for powder post beetles in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin is to call Adam’s Pest Control. We can get rid powder post beetles guaranteed. We also provide year-round prevention services that can suit your needs and budget. Call us today and join our other customers who have enjoyed guaranteed quality service and effective solutions for all of their pest problems.

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