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Who Is Looking To Keep Warm In Fall?

Ahhh, fall. Tis the season for crisp fall leaves crunching underfoot as you take your morning walk, breathing the brisk, cool air, and sitting around a toasty warm campfire at night. Yes, this is the time of year to dig out your sweaters and jackets, thick socks and warm shoes, and all the other warm clothing that has been stored away during the hot summer months. And why do we do these things? Because we don’t like being cold, right? Warm shoes, heavy sweaters, toasty campfires, all these things help us keep warm when the weather begins to shift toward winter. But humans aren’t the only ones looking for ways to keep warm. Furry critters are doing the same thing. Only they don’t know how to make fires or put on warm clothing. They get warm by invading our heated homes. And this is not a good thing.

What’s wrong with having mice in your home?

Now, in case you are wondering why having a few cute little mice inside your walls or attic spaces is a bad thing, consider the following information:

  • Mice are dirty–filthy even. And they are drawn to filth. Mice will crawl through sewage pipes, trash heaps and dumpsters before heading back to their home within your walls and, when they do, they can carry all manner of filth with them as they rummage through your silverware drawers and scurry across counters, looking for food. And while all this filth and bacteria may not make a mouse sick, it can very well make a human sick. Some of the illnesses mice can cause include salmonelloses, rat-bite fever, plague, and Lassa fever.

  • Mice leave their droppings and urine everywhere. Who wants to open a kitchen drawer or visit the attic and find tiny pellets of mouse droppings? Not only are these unsightly and embarrassing when your guests discover them, rodent droppings and urine also spread diseases.

  • Mice can keep you up at night. Although mice are small creatures, they can make a big enough noise in the dead of night to keep even a deep sleeper from getting the shut-eye he or she needs to wake refreshed the next day. No one appreciates bumping, scratching, scraping noises in the walls while trying desperately to get some rest.

  • Mice chew stuff. A lot. Mice, like other rodents have teeth that never stop growing, and need to chew constantly to wear their teeth down. They will chew on everything from insulation, wood, treasured items, plastic, and even wires. This can cause a lot of headache and heartache, and even a fire if a mouse chooses to chew on the right wire.

Get mice out and keep them out!

With Adam’s Pest Control, you can be assured that we will keep your home mouse-free. One satisfied customer wrote: “We were so impressed we signed up for quarterly service… We do not want any more mice, and we have confidence in Adam’s.”

Enjoy fall this year, with the crisp cool air, cozy sweaters, and warm campfires, without worrying about mice, or any other destructive pests, getting into your home. Reach out to Adam’s today.

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