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Why Are Fruit Flies in My Home?

It is warming up both inside and outside, and now you have little fruit flies all over the place. They are annoying, they swarm all around your food, and you can’t seem to stop them once you spot one. You clean, you spray, and yet you still have to ask “Why are fruit flies in my home?” Take a look to find out how they got in and what you need to do to get rid of them.

What are Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are not young house flies. They are an entirely different species. Fruit flies are only about 1/8-inch long. They have red eyes, and their bodies are tan in the front and darker to black in the back. Because of their small size, fruit flies have no trouble getting into your home through cracks in the door, holes in the screen, mesh screens, and on the produce you bring home.

Fruit flies lay their eggs on fermenting and rotten produce. Now that it is warmer out, you probably have potatoes, apples, peaches, bananas, (you name it), on your counter and in your cupboards. Fruit flies are also attracted to garbage cans, garbage disposals, and hidden messes on your floors or in your cupboards. They are also attracted to fruity drinks and soda.

Fruit flies don’t bite, but they can contaminate food and drinks.

Tips for Preventing Fruit Flies

To prevent fruit flies, remember their breeding habits and small size. The best way to prevent fruit flies in your home or office is to get rid of the items to which they are attracted. Do not leave any produce out on the counter or in your pantry. If you do leave it out, as soon as it ripens, freeze it, cook it, eat it, or throw it out. When you throw out ripened produce, take it outside and move the garbage can away from your home. If you compost your old produce and food scraps, make sure you put food in a sealed container and move your compost away from your home.

Additional ways to prevent fruit flies is to move your recycling container out of the house, clean under the fridge often, and to close your beverages, especially wine, cider, or fruity drinks. Make sure the lids are airtight so fruit flies don’t lay their eggs in the container.

Once a fruit fly lays its eggs, it takes only a week for an egg to become an adult. In a matter of days, the 500 eggs a female laid on your produce can turn into 500 adult fruit flies swarming your home. It is time to call in the professionals at Adam’s Pest Control to get rid of fruit flies for good with year-round pest control services.

Adam’s Pest Control has a fruit fly control system that includes traps and lures to eliminate fruit flies. As always, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and immediate local response to get rid of fruit flies in your home.

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