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Why Centipedes Come Into Our Homes

Centipedes are disturbing. Wouldn’t you agree? Those creepy crawly creatures are fast-moving, predatory, venomous and terrestrial arthropods with very long bodies and many jointed legs. And they can scare the wits out of most people, especially if one suddenly slithers out from under a bathtub as they’re stepping out.

Centipedes are from the class Chilopoda. The name centipede means “100 legs.” But this can be somewhat misleading since these creatures can have anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs. The long body of a centipede is flat and segmented, and each segment contains one pair of legs.

Although centipedes are scary looking, alien-like creatures, they actually pose very little harm to humans. However, this fact does little to calm the heart of a person who is easily startled. No matter how harmless they may be, they are simply no fun to have around. So, today we will focus on why centipedes enter our homes, how to prevent them from entering, and take a look at one very easy way to deal with a centipede problem.

What Makes Homes Attractive To Centipedes?

Centipedes are moisture pests. If you have moisture issues around your perimeter, centipedes will be attracted to your home. If you have leaky spigots or clogged gutters where water runs down your home, creating wood rot, centipedes will love you for it. If centipedes are drawn in close to your home because of moisture damage, it is likely that they will find their way in through gaps and cracks. And, if you have centipedes taking up residence, it is likely that you have other pests as well. Centipedes eat other bugs such as silverfish, firebrats, and roaches.

Centipede Prevention Tips

In order to reduce centipedes and other moisture pests, it is important to remove water sources from your property. Fixing leaky spigots, cleaning or replacing clogged or damaged gutters, and fixing any water damaged areas on your home will go a long way toward reducing moisture pests in your home. But totally eradicating centipedes and other pests may take a little more expertise and knowledge–and the right tools. The experts here at Adam’s Pest Control have all of these.

When the professional pest control technicians at Adam’s come to take care of your centipede problem, they will address all those other insects as well. And while centipedes are merely creepy looking and not harmful to humans, many of those other insects can be very harmful to you, your family, your pets, and your property. Don’t take chances with creepy or harmful bugs. Sign up for one of our year-round pest control programs today. 

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