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Why Every Business Needs Pest Control

If you own a restaurant, we don’t need to explain the benefits of commercial pest control. When cockroaches, rodents, flies, and other illness-spreading pests plague a restaurant, they do more than scare customers away, they can lead to failed health inspections and a closure of a business. If you own or manage a store that has groceries, we don’t have to tell you how important insect light traps are. You know they are the frontline defense against flies. But pest control isn’t always so obvious. There are many subtle ways a business can benefit from ongoing commercial pest control. Here are few examples.

Customer Retention

When pests appear, customers take notice. There are many ways pests can impact your customers. Some are as obvious as the examples above. When a cockroach runs across a table in a retail store, it is going to reduce the satisfaction of any customer who sees it. When bed bugs are found in a daycare, parents are going to be quick to take their children out. But some pest issues are subtle. If you have birds nesting on your ledges and leaving droppings on your property, it could be enough to drive some customers away.

Fewer Bad Reviews

We live in an age of instant reviews. If pests don’t drive customers away, they can still affect your business negatively. And no business benefits from bad reviews.

Employee Morale

Many business owners don’t realize the impact pests can have on morale. Whether you run a Mom and Pop store or manage a bank, pests can affect your bottom line. When employees are happy, they work harder. And when they work hard, they make more money for the company they work for.

LEED Certification

If your business is working toward LEED certification you’ll benefit from hiring a commercial pest control company like Adam’s Pest Control that uses Integrated Pest Management and green pest control options.

Pest-Free Break Areas

Even if your business doesn’t produce, transport, store, sell, or prepare food, you can still have issues with illness-spreading pests in your break room. And that can lead to an increase in employee absenteeism.

Every business should have a pest control plan. Bugs and wildlife cause many subtle issues beyond the ones listed in this article. If you have questions about how pests can affect your particular business, or you’d like to set up service, contact a QualityPro-Certified commercial pest control company like Adam’s Pest Control.

If you’re in our Minnesota service area, we look forward to answering any questions you may have, and to helping you establish a custom pest plan for your specific needs.

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