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Why Every Home Should Be Protected With Mice Control

It isn’t uncommon for a homeowner to have no idea that anything is living in their home until that fateful moment when the kitchen light gets flipped on and a small, furry mouse makes a beeline for the space between the refrigerator and the cupboards. After the initial shock is over, there are some decisions to be made. Do you buy a trap? Rat Poison? A cat? It’s just one little mouse after all, how bad could it be? The answer to that question is – bad; really bad.

The problem is, when there is one mouse, it is unlikely that that is the only mouse living in your home. Even after spending all day in the hardware store looking for the perfect solution to get rid of your new furry friend, it is extremely unlikely that these DIY solutions would be able to end the problem. One or two mice might be caught, but there will be dozens that could take their place. Once a mouse or two find their way into a building, they establish a nest and breed very quickly. One female mouse can have 5-10 litters each year of about 5 or 6 young. The babies will be able to reproduce in just 30 days. That is a staggering number of mice in less than a year’s time. A few traps set out by the untrained eye aren’t going to do much against those numbers. Even if there were just a few mice to contend with, there is still the question of how they got there in the first place to answer.

Where there are mice, there is the potential for serious problems for the homeowner. Mice are chewers. They chew one material to build nests; they chew on walls, cupboards, doors, and even wiring. It is not unheard of for a mouse to be responsible for a fire as well as thousands of dollars in damages to homes all over the country each year. These little pests also can cause a variety of illnesses for your family. Their droppings get into the air and can cause asthma symptoms, especially in children. They will also leave bacteria and germs on counters and in food that they have chewed their way into. Illnesses such as salmonella and hantavirus, among others, can be transferred to you and your family. Some of these illnesses can require intensive medical treatment.

It isn’t worth the risk. Year-round mouse control from Adam’s Pest Control can put your mind at ease and protect your family from the potentially devastating effects of a mouse infestation. Our professional team can evaluate your home for any rodents already living there and work with you to rid your property of them. We will also go over access points that the mice may be using to come and go and ways to eliminate those. Then, after the initial service you can sign up for Adam’s Premier or Premier Plus program which will protect your home year-round from mice and a multitude of other pests that could be harmful. Imagine the peace of mind you can have by making sure that your home and family is protected from mice and all the problems that they bring. Give Adam’s Pest Control a call today to set up your initial inspection.

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