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Why It’s Important To Act Fast When You Find A Mouse In The House

When you hear a noise in the wall, just above your head, as you’re drifting off to sleep, you may be tempted to ignore it. When you see a cute little mouse scurrying along a wall in the kitchen at two in the morning, while getting a snack, you may be the type of person who doesn’t really mind that. You may even be the type of person who can put up with finding mouse droppings in the back of a drawer or finding holes in your cereal boxes. But, before you start thinking that it may not be so bad living with mice, there are two things you should know.

Why It Is Important To Not Live With Mice

Those cute little mice that are living in your attic or inside your walls are not the same mice you might pick up at a store. They have not lived their entire lives in a controlled environment. Wild mice are exposed to many dirty things, and they have the ability to expose you to them too. When they get into dumpsters and pick up harmful bacteria on their fur, or in their bellies, they bring them into your food storage areas, onto your plates and silverware, and onto counters. When they run around outside, they can pick up lice, mites, ticks, and fleas, and bring them in through the holes they’ve chewed in your house. It is never a good idea to live with wild mice.

Why It Is Important To Deal With Mice Fast

One mouse can turn into many mice very quickly. Gestation for a female mouse is about 20 days. At that point, she gives birth to a litter of mice that can include between 3 and 14 young–but, on average, it is about 6-8. That female can have a litter like this 5 to 10 times each year. New females in these litters reach sexual maturity in about 6 weeks, but they are able to copulate as early as just five weeks. That means, in under 2 months, you can go from having one litter of mice in your home to having several.

Before mice have a chance to build their population in your home, reach out to a professional and have those mice removed. If you’re in our Minnesota service area, let the QualityPro-certified team here at Adam’s Pest Control arrest that mouse infestation for you. We’ll make sure every mouse is gone and that measures are taken to prevent future infestations. Mice may be cute, but they’re never good to have running around in your home. Act quick, and contact Adam’s to resolve that issue fast.

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