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Woodpecker Prevention Tips

It is nice to walk outside on a spring day and hear the woodpeckers on the trees above or on the utility poles. They are powerful birds with a unique hunting skill. What you don’t want is for those woodpeckers to target your home and use their unique set of skills on your house or other structures. Here are a few tips for preventing woodpeckers from destroying your home.

Do I Have Woodpecker Damage?

Before we tackle the woodpecker prevention tips, let’s first talk about damage caused by woodpeckers. Woodpeckers eat bugs. To get to the bugs, woodpeckers peck at trees; but they can also target your home. Woodpeckers can damage siding, eaves, decks, and insulation, which causes more than physical damage. This allows other bugs and rodent to enter your home.

Signs of woodpecker damage include:

  • Foraging holes in the side of structures. Holes are usually in a straight line.

  • A concentrated area of holes.

  • Nests.

Can you Exterminate Woodpeckers? NOT SO FAST!

If woodpeckers are damaging your home, you might be tempted to exterminate them. Hold that thought. You don’t want to commit a crime. That’s right. It is illegal to kill woodpeckers. You need a special permit to kill these federally protected creatures because they are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Plus, you enjoy them, right? You just don’t want them damaging your home.

First, let’s try prevention tips to remove woodpeckers:

  • Do not keep bird feeders and suet close to your home or shed.

  • Inspect your home and siding often looking for holes, signs of entry, and other damage to the structure.

  • Let your kids play outside more or let your dog roam. The more activity in your yard, the less attractive it is to woodpeckers.

  • Put up visual deterrents such as fake owls and hawks.

What to do When Woodpeckers Won’t Leave Your House?

 Woodpeckers are territorial, so if they aren’t leaving now, they probably won’t. 

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