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World Pest Day


World Pest Day – June 6


Throughout history, pests have always been resilient and continue to get smarter in order to survive. It is our job to match their ability every step of the way. Pests are some of the oldest creatures on the planet and have adapted to survive in many different environments.

The pest control industry has come a long way since the “Rat Catchers” of the Middle Ages. In fact, the industry has seen many advancements in just the past decade. Technology, safety, and how we service customers are always at the forefront and they are some of the areas that the industry have seen the most growth in.


Why Pest Control is Important

In current times, pest control is more important than ever. In the past decade, an increase in travel, both in the US and across the globe, means that it is increasingly likely that invasive species are introduced to where we live. This travel has also allowed pests, such as bed bugs, to thrive. Even with travel slowing significantly due to COVID19, we all still face the realities of our increasingly connected world.

The pest control industry is important because it protects health, property, and our standard of living. The industry has been deemed “essential” during the COVID19 pandemic so our country can maintain its health standards. Looking again at history, many deadly diseases can be traced to pests. Think of rats, mosquitos, birds, ticks, etc. It’s also assumed that the current pandemic we face today can be traced back to bats. On an individual level, there are also those who are susceptible to pests in the form of allergies. Pest control limits the spread and potential for disease and keeps people healthy.

Pest control is also vital in protecting structures. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites do about $5 billion worth of damage each year. If you broke $5 billion down into $100 bills, they would stack to be about 17,916 feet tall, more than 10 times the height of the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago. That’s a lot of money!

What Does a Good Pest Control – Customer Relationship Look Like?

So what does a good pest control – customer relationship look like? If you ask us, it begins with communication. From the moment a customer calls in to the moment a technician leaves, a good pest control company should work with the customer to establish expectations and deliver on them. A good pest control company also has technicians who are on your team and actively invested in solving your problems. Ultimately, a good pest control – customer relationship is about the peace of mind you have when you don’t have to worry about pests being in your home or business.



At Adam’s, we are constantly trying to “build a better mousetrap” in terms of how we solve our customers’ pest problems. We place a high value on how we train our technicians, how we manage pest issues, and how we communicate with our customers. Thank you to all who support our business. We will continue to strive to provide you peace of mind through these uncertain times.


*For more information on the history of pest control, check out this article by @PCT

[History Lesson] Humble Beginnings – PCT – Pest Control Technology (

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