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New Building Press Release

Adam’s Pest Control Unveils New State-of-the-Art
Corporate Headquarters in Medina, MN

MEDINA, MN — Adam’s Pest Control, a leading provider of pest management services, is proud to announce the opening of its new corporate headquarters at 2900 Eagle Bluff Cir, Ste 120, Medina, MN 55340. Spanning an impressive 33,331 square feet, the newly constructed facility marks a significant milestone in the company’s history, showcasing 53 years of consecutive growth and commitment to excellence.

After outgrowing its previous headquarters, Adam’s strategically purchased the land in 2018 with a vision for expansion. “This new building is as much of a celebration of what our employees have allowed us to do and to give back to them in a great working environment, as it is to address capacity issues we had,” said Todd Leyse and Andrea Doop, second-generation owners of Adam’s Pest Control. They added, “This allows us to grow for the next 20 years and pass Adam’s on to the next generation in great shape.”

The new three-floor office building features an additional three tenant spaces and is designed with both the environment and technological advancements in mind. Notable features include a breakroom and patio with views of the surrounding wetlands and an active bald eagle nest, which will be live-streamed on the company’s website. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, and honeybee hives onsite, and utilizes energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems.

Approximately 30 employees will work at the new headquarters daily, with the capacity to more than double staffing levels. The building’s design emphasizes employee well-being, incorporating fun, festive colors, a wellness room, popcorn machine stand, an outdoor patio, and a rooftop balcony overlooking the area’s natural beauty.

The new headquarters enhances Adam’s Pest Control’s operational capabilities, allowing for the training of up to 48 technicians at a time—up from the current capacity of 7—every four weeks. This expansion is crucial as the company continues to scale.

The new building also has spaces available for lease ranging from 1,397 to 2,353 square feet, not including the shared access to premium amenities like the lobby, bathrooms, elevator, breakroom with access to an outdoor patio with a pergola and firetable, and the “Snowy Owl” conference room. For leasing inquiries, contact Colliers International agents Paul Bickford and Rob Brass.

Adam’s Pest Control remains dedicated to its roots in Medina, MN, where it has operated for over 40 years. The new headquarters signifies the company’s growth and success and also its commitment to providing a superior work environment for its employees and exceptional service to its customers.

For more information about Adam’s Pest Control and its services, please visit www.adamspestcontrol.com and www.adamspestcontrol.com/eagle for more information about the property and building.

For more information contact:

Todd Leyse, President, Adam’s Pest Control



For Leasing Contact:

Colliers International | Minneapolis-St. Paul

Paul Bickford
Direct: 952 897 7732 | Mobile: 612 508 6776

Rob Brass
Direct: +1 952 897 7757 | Mobile: +1 612 202 9377

Adam’s Pest Control is committed to providing innovative pest management solutions to its customers, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for both homes and businesses. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Adam’s Pest Control continues to lead the industry in quality service and environmental stewardship.