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Moles and Voles

We’ll get rid of
whatever’s bugging you.


You spend countless hours feeding, watering, and caring for your lawn and there it is… a hole, or worse a network of tunnels and mounds. Something is ruining your yard. If moles and other lawn rodents are turning your healthy lawn into an unsightly mess.

Carefully maintained lawns and yards attract voles and moles.  The more lush and lavish your landscape, the more appealing it is to moles, voles, and other lawn pests.Adam’s does not currently provide service for moles and voles (unless inside the home).

If You See Above Ground Passageways, It’s Likely A Vole.

Lawn rodents, also known as voles or meadow mice, create both above-ground and underground passageways in the soil, while feeding mostly on vegetation, causing damage to not only your grass, but also your gardens and flowerbeds.

If you are seeing destructive activity in your lawn in springtime, it is more likely a vole.

Moles Are a More Common Problem in Summer.

Moles are small mammals that are technically insectivores, not rodents. Moles live almost exclusively underground. Moles prefer soft, moist soil. Their diet consists of 90% earthworms, 5% grubs, 5% other bugs that venture into their underground tunnels. They do not feed on plant material, but as the moles travel, they tunnel underground, uprooting the soil and exposing roots of trees, shrubs, plants, and grass.

Not All Gophers Are Fan Favorites.

Most people know what gophers look like, however pocket gophers do not have stripes like the Minnesota Golden Gopher mascot (which is really a 13-lined ground squirrel). Pocket gophers get their name from their fur-lined cheek pouches in which food is carried. They live in an underground burrow system and may make 100 or more mounds in a season. Most mounds are made in late summer and fall when digging shallow burrows to get roots for winter.