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Strawberry Root Weevils

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Strawberry root weevils and black vine weevils are an indoor nuisance, as well as a plant pest. Although they will not harm you or your pets, nor will they damage furniture or other belongings, they are an annoyance when they enter your home. Weevils typically invade homes during hot or dry weather, or after heavy rains. Moreover, dead Strawberry root weevils and other seasonal invaders inside walls attract dermestid beetles and ants, especially carpenter ants.

Known Issues

  • Contaminates Food
  • Structure Invading

Active Seasons

  • Summer

Strawberry Root Weevils Treatment Options

One-time Turf and Ornamental

Adam’s exterminates adult strawberry root weevils by applying EPA-proven residual insecticide treatments to infested soils, plants, or foliage. The one-times service is typically performed in late spring or summer, when adults are emerging. Fruit bearing and edible plants will not be treated by Adam’s. There is a limited 1-month warranty on this service as additional treatments at 3-4 weeks are often necessary to control new infestation of pests coming from other areas.

Premier Ornamental

Adam’s exterminates strawberry root weevils and black vine weevil by applying an insecticide treatment to the foundation and exterior parts of your house before weevils congregate and enter your home. All cracks, crevices and any possible entry sites are carefully treated with an EPA proven residual insecticide.