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New Brighton

Adam’s Pest Control in New Brighton, Minnesota

Adam’s provides fast, local response to pest problems in New Brighton, and surrounding towns. Homeowners and businesses can count on Adam’s for the best pest control in New Brighton, Minnesota.

New Brighton is a city in Ramsey County, Minnesota, United States. It is a suburb of the Twin Cities. The population was 21,456 at the 2010 census.

New Brighton has four public schools, several lakes (Long Lake and Silver Lake, Pike Lake, among others), one seminary, and many churches and places of worship. The town is mostly residential and split into different sections of residence. Sections of apartments, as well as Wexford Heights, an upper-middle-class housing development, dominate the southern end of the town. The apartments are often referred to collectively as “Polynesian,” the name of one apartment complex in the center of the area. “Downtown New Brighton” is distinguishable from other areas of the town because of the old-fashioned street lights set approximately twenty feet (6.1 m) apart down the entire road. Northern New Brighton has a small commercial area and is mostly middle-class homes built from the 70s to 90s.

New Brighton also has a significant office of IT software company Ivanti.

Healthy Lawn

Adam’s professional lawn care service is keeping New Brighton lawns green, lush, and healthy.