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Referrals – Save $50 Off Your Next Service

Happy With The Service We Provided?

Then your friends and family are likely to enjoy our service as well! We have good news. When you refer someone to Adam’s and they sign up for an Adam’s Prevention Service, each of you will save $50 on your next service!

It doesn’t hurt to ask if a friend or family member is interested in an Adam’s, after all, it’s a $100 question!

Who Are Good Candidates For Referrals?

How To Redeem Your Referral

In order for you and your friend or family member to receive the referral savings, make sure you or the new customer contacts us and makes us aware of the referral. You can contact us at sales@adamspestcontrol.com or by calling 763-746-9510.

Referring a new customer to Adam's allows both the new customer and the existing customer to save $50 on their next service!