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Why Ants Are Early This Year

Temperature is a key environmental factor that affects the development and population growth of most insects. The interactions between temperatures and insect biology and ecology are somehow complex. But, we already know the seasonal changes in temperatures trigger some insects to move into or out of a structure and become a nuisance.

This year, we have experienced an early and warm spring, which prompted ants and other insects, such as boxelder bug, lady beetles, cluster flies, etc to show up early in homes and other structures. For example, this year, we have had double the amount of ant complaints in March in comparison to last year, which, by the way, was warmer than a year before. What does this mean? It simply means that the pest management professionals (PMPs) should be prepared for timing of insecticidal bait and other types of applications early in the season. On the other hand, homeowners should be prepared to prevent and keep the spring invaders out (i.e., keep doors and windows shut when not in use, screen windows, repair/replace door sweeps, manage outdoor lights, etc.)

Although vacuums can be used to remove those that enter inside the structure, the presence of ants, especially in a big number indoors, may be a sign that the ants, mainly carpenter ants and pavement ants, have already established their nests inside a structure. In this case, consult with your licensed PMP to properly and promptly handle ant problems before it is too late. Remember, “prevention is better than cure.” 

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